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Established in Hayward, California in 1993 by Bob Faith, Greystar has evolved from a regional focussed multifamily property developer and manager to a global acclaimed real estate company. As a leading international company engaged in the management, development and investment of real estate properties, Greystar is now one of the biggest players in the global market. Below is the closer view of the aspects that make Greystar standing apart from the rest.

International Presence and Distribution of Power

Their current properties and other projects are located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Pacific region. The company’s diverse range of properties includes:The company’s diverse range of properties includes:

Multifamily Housing: Greystar is one of the largest rental apartment companies, the primary focus on delivering the best rental housing for any category, including luxury living spaces, normal or more affordable ones.

Student Housing: Understandably appreciating the requirements of students, Greystar has entered and invested in a Built-to- Rent (BTR) Student Accommodation beside university and educational facilities in various locations globally.

Senior Living: Greystar’s properties of senior living embody the kind of living environment that can be comfortable for older people and support them toward having everything they need.

Commercial Properties: It is also true that besides the properties for living, Greystar also has responsibility for managing and constructing commercial properties such as offices and commercial and residential combinations.

Punctuality to the Standard of Excellence in property management

As an organization that prides itself in offering quality services in property management, Greystar has cultivated a good reputation as a result of commitment to service provision and operation excellence. Key elements of their approach include:Key elements of their approach include:

Resident Experience: This experience showed that Greystar has a strong focus with the goals and demands of its residents providing attentive management, professional services, and convenient services and facilities in its communities.

Innovation and Technology: It uses technology besides collecting data to manage property development, resident satisfaction and investors’ profitability.

Sustainability: The company strives to improve its environmental impact through the incorporation of its environment stewardship principles in designing and managing energy efficient assets, seeking green building certifications and implementing green initiatives.

Strategic Development and Investment

When it comes to development and investment, Greystar remained focused on the matters of long-term returns, which is heavily based on the firm understanding of market conditions. Their approach includes:

Market Research: Due to severe competition, stakeholder’s needs, and market forces influencing real estate, Greystar undertake systematic market research to guide the company investment and development to match market demands of the future.

Strategic Partnerships: Greystar works in partnership with institutional investors, financial partners, and local counterparts to implement large-scale development and purchase Asian real estate projects.

Value-Add Opportunities: The company targets acquisition and development of properties containing value add opportunities; for instance refurbishment, repositioning of assets in a bid to bolster the portfolio’s operating performance and market returns.

Industry Leadership and Innovation

The above-represented authorities prove Greystar’s role as one of the leaders in the sphere of real estate. The firm has often been named for its creativity when it comes to operation and management of properties, adoption of green solutions and services, and customer relations. Moreover, Greystar is an influential company engaged in the development of new trends in the proposed services and their quality.

Social Responsibility Standards and Measures

Greystar advertises itself as a company that is committed to ‘Creatingenvironments that enrich people’s lives. ’This commitment is evident in several key areas:This commitment is evident in several key areas:

Philanthropy: As a part of its corporate social responsibility program, Greystar is involved in supporting several other charitable entities as well as community cause oriented missions such as education sponsorship, housing and health and wellness.

Affordable Housing: Of particular importance is the fact that the company is fully involved in delivering and managing affordable housing which is a severe problem nowadays.

Employee Engagement: Greystar also empowers its employees, upholds work-life balance, and maintains an environment of diversity and open growth since the foundation knows the company’s people are the key assets.


Greystar has undoubtedly earned its place as one of the leading companies in the sphere of real estate due to the comprehensiveness of its activities which include property management, development, and investment. Striving for success, creativity, and environmentally friendly practices, Greystar remains one of the most outstanding companies in the sphere of real estate. This needed as the company establishes it wings in the international market as well as diversifying its revenue, but the company has never been married from the vision of adding value to its people and the investors in the community.

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