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What is IAC? Comprehensive Guide

IAC, formerly known as InterActiveCorp, is a prominent American holding company with a diverse portfolio of brands and businesses in various sectors, including digital media, online services, and technology. Understanding IAC’s operations, history, and impact on the industry provides valuable insights into its role as a significant player in the digital economy. This comprehensive guide explores what IAC is, its key subsidiaries, its history, and its influence on the digital landscape.

Understanding IAC

What is IAC?

IAC is a holding company that owns and operates a wide range of businesses across multiple industries, primarily focusing on media and internet services. Founded in 1986 by Barry Diller, IAC has grown through strategic acquisitions and investments, expanding its portfolio to include some of the most well-known brands in the digital world. The company’s headquarters are located in New York City, and it operates globally, employing thousands of people across its various businesses.

Key Subsidiaries and Brands

IAC’s portfolio includes a variety of brands and businesses, each operating in different sectors. Some of the most notable subsidiaries and brands under IAC include:

Angi Inc.

Angi Inc. (formerly known as ANGI Homeservices) is a leading digital marketplace for home services. It connects homeowners with service professionals for a wide range of home improvement and maintenance tasks. Angi’s brands include Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Handy, offering users a comprehensive platform for finding and hiring trusted service providers.

Dotdash Meredith

Dotdash Meredith is a major digital publishing company that produces content across various verticals, including health, finance, lifestyle, and home. Dotdash Meredith owns popular brands like Verywell, The Spruce, Investopedia, and Brides. The company focuses on creating high-quality, expert-driven content to engage and inform its audience.


Care.com is an online marketplace that connects families with caregivers for children, seniors, pets, and more. The platform offers a range of services, including babysitting, tutoring, and housekeeping. Care.com aims to make it easier for families to find reliable care providers, enhancing the overall caregiving experience.


Vimeo is a video platform that provides tools for video hosting, sharing, and streaming. Unlike other video-sharing sites, Vimeo focuses on high-quality, professional content and offers a range of services for video creators, including editing tools, analytics, and distribution options. Vimeo is popular among filmmakers, artists, and businesses looking to showcase their work.

Ask Media Group

Ask Media Group operates several question-and-answer websites and search engines, including Ask.com. These platforms provide users with information on a wide variety of topics, leveraging both user-generated content and expert knowledge. Ask Media Group focuses on delivering reliable and relevant answers to users’ queries.

The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast is a digital news and opinion platform known for its in-depth reporting and analysis. Covering a wide range of topics, including politics, entertainment, and technology, The Daily Beast aims to provide readers with insightful and engaging content. The platform is recognized for its investigative journalism and opinion pieces.

History and Growth

IAC’s journey began in 1986 when Barry Diller founded the company under the name Silver King Broadcasting Company. Initially focused on television broadcasting, the company expanded into other areas through a series of strategic acquisitions and mergers. In 2003, the company rebranded as InterActiveCorp, reflecting its shift towards internet-based businesses.

Throughout its history, IAC has demonstrated a keen ability to identify and invest in promising digital ventures. This strategy has allowed the company to build a diverse portfolio and maintain a significant presence in the digital economy. Key milestones in IAC’s growth include the acquisition of Ticketmaster in 1997, the launch of Match.com in 1995, and the purchase of Ask.com in 2005.

Impact on the Digital Landscape

IAC has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape through its investments and innovations. The company’s diverse portfolio spans various industries, allowing it to influence multiple facets of the digital economy. Some of the key impacts of IAC on the digital landscape include:

Innovation and Disruption

IAC has a history of investing in disruptive technologies and business models, helping to drive innovation across its portfolio. By identifying and nurturing promising startups, IAC has contributed to the development of new digital services and platforms that have transformed their respective industries.

Enhancing Consumer Experiences

Many of IAC’s subsidiaries focus on improving consumer experiences by providing convenient, user-friendly services. From connecting homeowners with service professionals to offering high-quality digital content, IAC’s brands prioritize customer satisfaction and engagement.

Supporting Digital Content Creation

Through brands like Vimeo and Dotdash Meredith, IAC supports digital content creators by providing them with tools, platforms, and resources to produce and distribute their work. This commitment to supporting creators has helped foster a vibrant and diverse digital content ecosystem.

Promoting Online Safety and Trust

IAC’s platforms, such as Care.com and Angi, emphasize safety and trust by implementing rigorous vetting processes and providing users with reliable information. These measures help ensure that users can confidently engage with service providers and caregivers, promoting a safer online environment.


IAC is a significant player in the digital economy, with a diverse portfolio of brands and businesses that span various industries. From home services and digital publishing to video platforms and online marketplaces, IAC’s influence is far-reaching. Understanding IAC’s operations, history, and impact provides valuable insights into the company’s role in shaping the digital landscape. As IAC continues to innovate and invest in new ventures, it remains a key driver of growth and transformation in the digital world.

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